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H-E-B is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas with approximately $23 billion in revenue and 100,000 Partners. Founded in 1905, H-E-B operates more than 358 stores in a number of formats, including superstores, supermarkets and gourmet markets. H-E-B is the #1 food retailer in the Austin, San Antonio, Corpus Christi and Rio Grande Valley markets. Our company is the largest private company in Texas and one of the 15 largest privately held companies in the U.S.

A current employee says, "I would say simply HEB needs to understand one simple thing it has to be more respect and care to employees than their "GOLDEN" management team or at least equal. You can work there 10 years and never be promoted, someone with 2 years of experience could simply be selected for a management position or store lead. With this company you have to belong to someone or have connections to be promoted or grow your career."


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Former Employee - Manager says

"inappropriate behavior, racist management, sexist environment"

Former Employee - Food Demo Representative says


Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Elderly co workers discriminate you Not enough training No organization or structure Everyone does things differently so it confuses people"

Former Employee - Warehouse Selector says

"Work is slow and boring managers annoying"

Current Employee - Custimer Service says

"HEB forces there Political dogma on you. Guy rights / black history / ect. Soon they will force BLM agenda but don't talk about it. The door is never open. We pay you so shut up."

Former Employee - Human Resources Manager says

"Discrimination on race and agr"

Current Employee - Produce Clerk says

"They have a very cult like work environment. I took a pay cut to work for the company because of the reputation that they had in Texas to work here. But like much of retail they require open availability and pay very little... Cutting payroll, increasing sale goals. Which would be fine but how they're treating employees during this pandemic is pathetic they require employees to purchase mask which many would consider ppe that by law they should provide. Everyone wants a paycheck right now but HEB keeps their care to safety for customer and employees at a very very low bar."

Former Employee - Order Selector says

"you are basically breaking down your body to make an completion percentage. High turnover with a lot of people come and go. And running around for 10 to 12 hours all day is not going to cut it."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"-management (the company is okay not the best especially with management that let thei titles go to their head) -at the store I worked at there was barley any black employees mainly white passing hispanics (who made comments about the black customers) -customers where prejudice and racist as well as staff -the top store people only care about their bonuses (so its all for show moral isnt that great amongst the younger generations -nepotism is crazy there, you still have to do the work but they kiss your butt if you know someone high up -they are classist"

Former Employee - Finance Director says

"Back Stabbing, Talk behind your back."

Bakery Clerk (Former Employee) says

"There was no structure or proper training and I dealt with ageism with coworkers. It was total chaos. Those old ladies controlled those managers. Manager got mad and wanted to fire me since I reported it. noneLack of structure"

Stocking and Receiving (Former Employee) says

"They dont care for your concerns sal was very rude and unprofessional. The recruiter lady was just as bad they have a mentality where they seems to act better then you. Its very wrong Good moneyPoor recruiting and management"

Dept. Manager (Current Employee) says

"H‑E‑B could go out of business and I would laugh. They screwed me over and terminated me wrongfully. If I could go back now I wouldn't. I've got job offers to earn twice what they were paying me. Having a jobWorking for predjudice people."

Grocery Manager (Former Employee) says

"Don't expect to be off on holidays. Politics not work ethic is how you get ahead. Rather promote from outside someone with no experience and have you train them than promote you with your knowledge.Kiss it to get ahead."

Checker/Cashier (Former Employee) says

"Management is trash, hours are trash (that’s if you get any). Everyone has there favorites. Impossible to move up in the company. Managers will try to fire you for anything that inconveniences them."

Frozen Food Associate (Former Employee) says

"worked frozen and started off knowing my job requirements, we finished on time everyday, sometimes earlier than expected but we finished an 8 hour day in 6 maybe 7 hours. we were then forced to help grocery with their stocking (normally no big deal) we were suppose to be a team. Yet when the holidays came and frozen got 8 pallets between 2 people, grocery would finish and go home early. it got to the point where just because we would finish 1-2hrs early (sometimes) Our managers decided to hand us more (responsibility) they to 2 vendors off and gave us their work (adding more than 2 hours of work per night) when we told the managers we were overworked he showed me a graph telling me 2 people in frozen was more than enough per the 80 hours allotted. Yet other stores had 3 frozen guys and a floater. not to mention the graph he showed me was the same graph he showed me when i got hired, so the 25 extra hours that he snagged from vendors had to be crammed into the allotted 40 hours we had so that meant no lunch and no breaks.got to wear headphonesno breaks"

Bakery/Cake Decorator (Current Employee) says

"I would say simply HEB Company needs to understand one simple thing it has to be more respect and care to employees than their "GOLDEN" management team or at least equal. You can work there 10 years and never be promoted,someone with 2 years of experience could simply be selected for a management position or store lead. With this company you have to belong to someone or have connections to be promoted or grow your career.Sometimes flexible working hoursPart Time employment has nothing-zero benefits, short breaks"

Personal Shopper/Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"The top store leaders feed you a line about upward mobility but rarely follow through on the advancement. Middle management and partners help to solve daily problems that arise."

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"managers never give the reason to the employee every time that the costumers complain the cashiers get in trouble even if is not their fault patience is the key"

Customer Service Assistant (Former Employee) says

"The company? Amazing!!! Management on the other hand?! The freaking worst to ever run such prestigious company! The San Juan Plus Location is too busy to be ran by such frustrating individuals. Mario in particular is the worst one but Gracie the Director isn’t any better to try to address it either."

Parking Lot Attendant (Former Employee) says

"I got fired for snapping back at an employee that yelled incredibly disrespectful things towards me. I lost my job, he kept his because he's been there longer."

Associate (Former Employee) says

"Worst place to work. Management is terrible. No leadership. Dishonest managers. The managers will unexpectedly cut your hours. They lie. They are very cliquey. Dont waste your time working here."

Pharmacy Manager (Former Employee) says

"Everyone is afraid to speak against injustice and inequality because they will retaliate through the HR department HR is used by white racist management to fabricate events in order to fire those that report them"

Order Selector (Former Employee) says

"HEB hires, is always hiring. Yet fails to schedule full time employees enough hours. I have little to no income. Why employ full time only to send people home everyday?Be ready to kiss up in order to work any hours at all"

Janitorial Services (Current Employee) says

"This company or at least my store is by far the worst place I have worked at. The managment at this location is complete garbage no communication and they blatantly lie to your face time after time."

Dairy Stocker (Former Employee) says

"I found that they did not treat employees fairly I worked very hard at the tasks laid out for me and felt that I was not appreciated since other employees did not also complete their tasks. So I was seen negatively for completing my tasks and dedication."

Deli Associate/Cashier (Former Employee) says

"It all looks good on the outside. Do you think you’re lucky to get in as an employee. Then you start working there and you learn quickly their management is horrible. Their tactic is to make you feel like you’re never good enough and only work you part time so they don’t have to give you benefits."

Overnight Stocker (Former Employee) says

"Not a great place. Employees specially management were rude and gossiping behind employees backs. They don’t like you if you can’t keep up even if you tried to work on your lunch break while clocked out so you can get the job done by the time you had to leave."

Floral Manager (Current Employee) says

"They suck they don’t help you out for nothing they only wanna put people they want there and don’t pay you what you’re supposed to do you need to be one of the favorites I’ve been there for a long time and all they want me is to retire I don’t think it’s right"

Bagger/cashier/maintenance/ parking lot attendant (Former Employee) says

"Heb is a terrible company. I spent nearly 5 years there. And to be let go for forgetting to pay for a stupid 50cent pie. Even though i helped stop guys from stealing a bbq pit. Never work for them. And management plays favoritism big time."

El Moco says

"Poor inventory. Don\'t even try to give feedback to managment. Very Trump-like response from them. In a nutshell, If your not with me...your against me! Have issues checking out almost everytime. Managers checking their phones while checkers are also having to to sack groceries. Are they unable to sack groceries...no, they just don\'t want to. A poor store. What are we the people supposed to do? They have us by the short curly\'s. Take a seat in the middle and sμck it! "

Alicia says

"HEB the worst customer care I have ever experienced in my life. They do not care about u as a customer and have been treated very badly by them. They should be ashamed of how they have treated a customer. My experience as been horrible."

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